Vert de Gris is convinced that the way organizations are managed and held accountable must evolve to guide the transformation of organizations towards sustainable development. 

In particular, “Vert de Gris” has taken on the mission of accompanying and training key players, the accounting and risk professions, in the integration of sustainable development into their work.


In addition, “Vert de Gris” also assists all sustainable development professionals in counting, measuring and steering sustainable development.


And this with the objective of accompanying the transformation of organizations and business models towards sustainable development by taking action.

Online course “Fluent in Accounting for Sustainability”

You are a CFO, a management controller, a chartered accountant, an auditor, a CSR director or a CSR consultant?

  • either individually
  • or in a team

Join the “Fluent in Accounting for Sustainability” program and receive 12 months of training and coaching to:

● learn to source, count, measure and interpret non-financial data ;

● become autonomous on the management of integrated global performance and its regulations;

● carry out an accounting for sustainability management project within your company.

Content creation and teacher training

You are a training organization, school, university, or training manager of your company?

We create content on all topics of sustainability accounting in the following formats

1/ Scorm Articulate package to be integrated in a Learning Management System (asynchronous)

2/ Powerpoint for face to face courses

All content created is and remains the intellectual property of Vert de Gris and is continuously updated for a period of 3 years. 

If we create content for you to use in a classroom setting, we will train the trainers who will then provide the training, under a license format.

Facilitation of conferences and presentations to boards of directors and executive committees

Are you the CFO or CSR of your company? In charge of organizing a conference? Member of a board of directors or an executive committee?

Our founder and president, an international expert, gives conferences and lectures on the subject of accounting for sustainable development and the necessary transformation of the accounting and risk professions.