Boost your career.
Learn to manage integrated performance.

Join the “Become Fluent in Accounting for Sustainability” program
and receive 12 months of expert training and coaching in order to:
  • learn to source, count, measure and interpret non-financial data
  • become autonomous on the management of integrated sustainability performance and its regulations
  • carry out an integrated sustainability performance management project within your company

Make a difference.

If you are a chartered accountant, a financial director, an internal or external auditor, a financial controller, a CSR/sustainability director (or work in a similar field) and would like to see your career evolve…

If you are observing the emergence of integrated sustainability performance management and you want to help your company drive its sustainable development strategy…

If you are motivated to improve your skills, but going back to school full-time isn’t an option for you…

If you have started researching on the internet, in the media, on social networks, without finding any truly practical and relevant solutions…

Then you are at the right place.

Why learn to manage integrated sustainability performance?

The first good news is that it’s normal to feel a little lost. 

I myself spent almost 13 years dissecting, understanding and managing the integrated sustainability performance of companies until I became recognized as an international expert in the field. 

At that time, I would have been wonderful to have been able to get support and mentoring on the subject… It would have saved me time, energy and money. 

Today, in fact, the pressure is even greater : 

  • The norms and standards around integrated sustainability performance management are multiplying. 
  • The job-market demand for profiles capable of counting the “non-financial” is exponential. We are talking about “sustainable accountants”, “chief sustainable finance officers”, “ESG controllers”, “extra-financial reporting manager”…
  • Finally, you have never been taught how to count, measure and manage the “non-financial”. Managing integrated performance cannot be learned in school! 

So, how can you become autonomous in managing integrated performance? 

How can you acquire actionable knowledge right away? 

How can you master existing tools and standards? 

And above all, where to start? 

This is where I have a second piece of good news for you: you won’t have to go through the same process as I did.

13 years of experience condensed into a 1 year training course.

I have designed a “ready-to-use” training program for you that is pragmatic and complete. 

You will learn to: 

  • source, count, measure and interpret non-financial datas ;
  • become autonomous in the management of integrated performance and its regulations ;
  • carry out an integrated sustainability performance management project within your company.

A unique training program!

Expert & Authoritative

Authoritative sources, hand-picked resources and constantly updated content


Dense teaching content simplified and popularized to facilitate learning


Information dissected to make it concrete and actionable


A format that guides you and makes learning easier

A program you can adapt to your needs

12 months

of training and follow-up to become autonomous in integrated performance management

500 hours

of video lessons, course sheets and group coaching to advance at your own pace

100% asynchronous

to learn where you want, when you want

6 modules

with theoretical and practical content to help you take action

Goal : 100% action

8 accounting for sustainability tools dissected and made actionable

All of the international standards scrutinized to develop critical thinking skills

Key resources that can be modified and used immediately in your work

Optional individual coaching to give you confidence in your projects

A community of learners and group coaching to better support you

Increase your added value!

Modules 1/2 

Sustainable development, planetary boundaries, socialfoundations

Business model transition and governance

Modules 3/4 

Accounting for sustainability

Professions: management accounting, internal & external audit,Chief Value Officer

Modules 5/6 

Reporting, ratings and communication to investors

Sustainable finance: products, standards and impact oncompanies

This training is for me if : 

  • I work in a profession related to accounting, finance or risk
  • or if I work in a profession related to CSR
  • or sustainabilityI have more than 5 years of professional
  • I want to acquire a solid skillset
  • I want concrete, short-term and long-term results, i.e., I want to take action !

All you have to do is take the first step!