Become Fluent in Accounting for Sustainability!

Vert de Gris is convinced that the way organizations are managed and held accountable must evolve to guide the transformation of organizations towards sustainable development

In particular, Vert de Gris has taken on the mission of accompanying and training key players, the accounting and risk professions, in the integration of sustainable development into their work. 

In addition, Vert de Gris also assists all sustainable development professionals in counting, measuring and steering sustainable development.

And this with the objective of accompanying the transformation of organizations and business models towards sustainable development by taking action

Vert de Gris was founded by Delphine Gibassier, click here to learn more about our president and founder.

Why are we called Vert de Gris ?

Vert de Gris is a shade of Green. 

The symbolism of colors brings about a change, and the play on words alludes to the nature that brings its own patina to the tools fashioned by man.

The Vert de Gris brand seeks to speak with simplicity and fluidity to reassure professions in need of a reference in the world of ecological transformation. The color of the name symbolizes the natural in the structured world of accounting for sustainable development.

The brand seeks to educate, sensitize and inform with confidence without rushing the Cartesian minds. Vert-de-Gris adapts to each situation, for each company and takes shape over time.

The brand does not make speeches, it seeks above all to shake things up, to respond to the ecological needs of today and tomorrow.

Vert-de-Gris is truly a patina, a color that changes things, it is optimistic, and is part of the action.

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