Would you like to manage your company’s integrated sustainability performance, but don’t know where to start?

You’re no longer alone!

Discover the only training program that will teach you to become completely autonomous in managing integrated sustainability performance.

Transformation starts with you.

The Vert de Gris company assists professionals in accounting, finance and risk as well as CSR and sustainability, to master the management of integrated performance in their organization.

Training key players to change the rules of the game

You’ve certainly noticed it yourself: companies’ integrated sustainability performance has become THE subject to master, regardless of the size of your organization.

The year 2019 was a real turning point for companies:

different stakeholders gradually recognize that the financial dimension in and of itself is no longer sufficient to measure performance

  • classes and seminars on the subject of sustainability are in increasingly high demand
  • international norms and standards that frame the management of integrated performance develop at lightning speed (International Sustainability Standards Board, Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, Taxonomy)

As a result of this, companies are striving to transform themselves and are looking for people who are able to count, measure and manage the “non financials”. 

Even though this skillset isn’t being taught in universities yet, there is already a community of experts today who find themselves on the frontline:

Professionals in the field of accounting, finance, risk and control, CSR and sustainability management.

Already confronted with the management of integrated sustainability performance through the first GRI or NFRD reporting, you feel the need to increase your expertise by gaining skills that you were not able to learn anywhere else.

Once you are trained, you, in turn, will enable your company or organization to reduce its toll on the environment and improve its social impact.


Count. Measure. Lead.

Are you among the growing number of those would like to learn how to steer the integrated sustainability performance of your company?

Would you like to find pragmatic solutions that you can put into practice right away?

Do you watch webinars, read articles and look through available training courses, but nothing seems to give you the structured and efficient learning that you’re looking for?

VERT DE GRIS has been created especially for you.

Our promise is simple:

If you learn to source, count and measure the “non financials,” if you are able to make your non-financial data more reliable, you will be able to manage the integrated sustainability performance of your company efficiently.

Who I am?

My name is Delphine Gibassier, I created the company VERT DE GRIS in order to participate in the sustainable transition of companies. I am a recognized international expert in accounting for sustainability.

20 years of experience in audit and accounting.

13 years of experience in accounting for sustainability research and practice.

International Researcher and former full professor.
Thesis Director and associated editor of the Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal

Founder of the first international Chair for Multi-capital Integrated Performance, creator of the first Executive Master Chief Value Officer in the world.

Member of the technical committees for ISSB, B Lab Global, Impak, the ISR Label and Transparent; member of the supervisory boards of the Capitals Coalition, R3.0, B and Align.

Drafter of the European norms ESRS on biodiversity and water, co-leader of the group “Other Environment” and leader of the cluster 2 of the first Taskforce (Sept 2020 – March 2021)

Delphine Gibassier PhD

Together, let’s transform your career!

My background has allowed me to understand that the way companies report their accounts could guide them towards becoming more sustainable. 

It is with this in mind that I help the accounting, finance and risk professions, as well as CSR and sustainability departments, to integrate accounting for sustainability in their activities.